Free standing internal hoarding Steel base


Steel base support  for 35mm indoor Hoarding Depot Freestanding 500 panels

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Our Steel Base 1 option offers robust support for indoor Hoarding Depot Freestanding 500 panels. Bases should be spaced apart at 2 metre intervals to ensure maximum stability.

A vertical hollow pvc post slots into the steel base and clips to the top of the hoarding. Quick and easy to install. Creates a self-supporting hoarding without the need to drill into the floor. Easy to dismantle and re-locate.

Floor plate: Length 625mm | Width 350mm
Vertical leg: Height 610mm | Width 52mm

Weight 23kg

Tough, white powder coated and re-usable for years
Simple repeated installation and dismantling
Proven performance
No drilling, no dust, no floor repairs

Every Steel Base 1 you order requires ONE x Hollow Post and ONE x Top support to complete the installation.

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